Ecirp (pronounced ē-serp) is an acronym for Enhanced Computer Instruction and Resource Palette. was created with the intent of helping small businesses and individuals reach their professional and personal potential through computer education. Before using this site, please read the Terms and Conditions of Use. To ease navigation within this website, the site is divided into four sections: About, Knowledge Base, and Templates.


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Knowledge Base

From Access to Visual Basic, the intent of the Knowledge Base is to show some useful programming codes, tips, tutorials and examples that I have learned in the process of creating my own applications and websites along with some very useful software tips. The free content provided have all been used on client projects, within this website and/or classroom settings. As this section is still under construction, please come back as PowerPoint presentations and streaming videos will be made available soon.


Word, PowerPoint, Web Design templates and more! Check back often as new templates will be added.

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