Excel is an excellent software program for creating spreadsheets and charts for reporting purposes. However, that's not the limit of Excel's functionality.

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A macro automates a complex task. Excel macros can perform complicated series of actions or simply record commonly used commands. The simplest way to create a macro in Excel is to use the macro recorder. The steps below automate a macro for inserting text within cell A1 that reads "Hello World!" Open Excel with a new workbook and follow the steps below.

Open the Tools menu and select Macro, then select Record New Macro...

Fill in the blanks - the macro name, description, shortcut-key combination and worksheet where the macro will be available - in the Record Macro box that appears. The macro can be available from only one worksheet or from any worksheet. The name of the macro must start with a letter and must not contain any spaces (Macro1 will be used for the Macro name). If You want to create a short cut for running macro, type a letter in the Shortcut Key box. In the Store Macro In drop-down list, select the location in which to store the macro. If you want to macro to be available each time you use excel, select Personal Macro Workbook. If you want the macro to be available for a new workbook, select New Workbook. In the Description text box, type a description, if required.

Click on OK.

Notice that the word "Recording" appears on the Status bar in the lower left of the Excel screen while recording is in progress.

Next you will perform a series of keystrokes or mouse actions. Select cell A1, if it is not already selected. Type "Hello World!" and then press the Enter key. The macro has now recorded your actions.

Open the Tools menu and choose Stop Recording to complete the macro.

 STEP 7:
Now that you have stopped recording your macro, test your macro by deleting the text in cell A1 and randomly select another cell. Activate the macro by pressing the shortcut keys you have selected or by selecting the macro from a list on the Tools menu: Go to Tools menu, choose Macro and then Macros. A box named Macro will open. Select the required macro to be run from the Macro name section, and then click Run. The macro will then reproduce the series of keystrokes you recorded.