Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard image editing program. Photoshop is truly a vast program and capable of so much and yet it does it all so well. Whether you prepare images for print media or the Internet, Photoshop should be included in your tool chest of graphics applications.


The free tips and tutorials provided have all been used on client projects, classroom instruction, and/or within this website. Please note that the tutorials assume you have a basic knowledge of the layout and tools within Adobe Photoshop. Each tip and tutorial lists which version of Photoshop is used and is also rated for ease of use. If you have questions on specific tips and tutorials, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Listed below are but a small sampling of Photoshop tips and tutorials which you can practice to increase your graphic design skills. As this page is currently under construction, more tips and tutorials will be added. Thanks and come back soon.

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