Version: 7.0
Difficulty Level:

This tutorial shows a quick way to take your normal, boring product shot and make it look more professional and elegant.

Step 1:

Open your image. I started with this photo of a lemon (download here), and masked ( isolate and protect areas of an image) the lemon.

Step 2:

Behind the lemon layer, I added a Gradient Adjustment Layer. Adjust the colors
to something yellowish, or whatever color you want, and fading to black.

Set the Gradient Adjustment Layer to Style: Radial. Increase the scale to fit the lemon better.

Your project should now look like this:

Step 3:

Make a rectangular selection on the lower 1/3 of your image. Add a new Solid Color Adjustment Layer under the lemon layer and above the Gradient layer. Fill it with black.

Step 4:

Select your lemon layer and press (Ctrl + J) to duplicate it. Select your lower, original lemon layer and press (Ctrl + T) to bring up the free-transform. Right-click on your bounding box, and choose "Flip Vertical".

Step 5:
Drag your new, flipped lemon layer down, so that the bottom of the top layer, matches the top of the bottom layer. Confused? Here's a Picture:

Step 6:
Make sure that the "flipped" lemon layer is still selected. Select the Gradient Fill Tool (G) and select the default colors (D). With the Layer Mask selected, drag the Gradient from top to bottom until you get a nice reflective effect.

That's all there is to it!

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